Custom Jewelry is everything at Atelier EL. We design and make every piece of jewelry in the right size and desired colors at no extra charge. If you prefer more personal, we can also engrave our jewels. We also have the in-house expertise for ash jewelry or gold and gemstone upcycling.

Wanna dive deeper in our custom jewellery? Our pleasure. Every story is unique. Or maybe you are breeding on a fantastic idea for a design yourself?

Check out these three options for designs apart from our collections:

Elisalee limited halo 18 KGG
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Elisa Lee Galaxy ring EMC Toermalijn 15 87ct 15165web
Elisa Lee Galaxy Ring halo tanzaniet ocean diamanten 3


The Elisa Lee LIMITED collection is based on exclusive gemstones for your new design. We build a custom made jewel around this unique stone.

Founder-designer Elisabeth searches for the most special gemstones that instantly touch her by their sharpening method, shape or exclusive character. Think big emerald cut tourmalines with a unique, intriguing color or natural sapphires with exceptional origins.

Next to the strong standard collection, Elisabeth is increasingly turning to more exclusive jewelry because it keeps her creativity and experimental research in technique and design on its toes.

Other jewellers are less keen on upcycling jewelry because of the lower profit margins. However for Elisabeth this circular sustainable way of working is the future and therefore new standard.

Natural materials are getting harder to find and are also finite. This scarcity often leads young ateliers to artificial stones or labdiamonds. We prefer to stay away from that. You can read our point of view here.


Engravings give a personal touch to each jewel. Check out these three formulas to top off your design:

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