Three steps

Want your wedding rings custom designed? Discover how it works in these three steps: from your preparatory moodboard to your appointment to your fitting & pick-up.

Trouwringen massief 18k geel
Ring trouwringen hard geborsteld 18k geel
Moebius ringen 18k warm wit goud witgoud rodium web

Minimalist Rings

Atelier EL specializes in simple, minimalist jewelry with a timeless character. Those who like it pure and sober opt for a finish without texture, a sleek ring band et voilà. This option is just simply what most men want and at Elisa Lee we understand that.

Ring trouwringen 18k wit
18k geel au flush
18k wit gouden trouwringen
18 Kgeelgoud
Ring trouwring 18k wit diamant

Rings with diamonds

When it comes to diamonds and other gemstones, there are many options that we can carefully explore together. You decide the size, color, quality and type of gemstone and this according to your taste and budget. We are happy to give honest and professional advice. Do you want to go for a minimal setting or do you prefer a diamonds all around the ring, everything is possible! The origin of each gemstone is carefully selected by Atelier EL.

Stapelringen 18 K massief goud
Elisalee lux nestingring 18kgeel 1 web
Stapringen fijn 18k roosgoud
Ring trouwring diamanté 18k wit
18k geel au pelouse
18k geelgoudstapelringen
18k nest round lux ring 1

Stacking and nesting rings

You can also combine different rings for a hip and playful effect. Really nice if you wear different structures next to eachother. Two or three fine stacking rings give you the chance to wear your rings in a different way and a piece can be added later if you have another life chapter to celebrate.

Or do you have a beautiful solitaire ring and would you like to slide your wedding ring next to it? We can custom design a nesting ring to create a beautiful whole. Again, the possibilities are endless in terms of shape, structure... Don't forget to bring your engagement ring to our appointment!

18 K roze mat slag van de hamer
18k geel zebra op de rand en op oppervlak web
Elisa lee textuurringen 1
18k wit gouden trouwringen zebra web
18k roze au met pelouse en ice diamant dwars


At Atelier Elisa Lee you can choose from a wide range of traditionally placed textures. Sounding names like blow of the hammer, pelouse or zebra give your ring a unique look. For this we like to choose an unusual place like a rim. Very cool to have your different ring bands match and therefore have a small reminder to your partner's ring.

Elisa lee shifted S8 18 K GG B verkleind
Elisa lee shifted S1 S5 18 K GG zonder gravure verkleind
Elisa lee shifted S5 18 K GG NT verkleind
Elisa lee shifted S8 18 K RG JA verkleind
Elisa lee shifted S11 18 K GG vrije gravure VB verkleind

Shifted rings

Rather something out of the ordinary? Than maybe our shifted rings can be your go-to option! Angled, Round or asymmetric, these shifted rings offer countless possibilities. Additionally, you can upgrade these rings with a personal engraving. Lovely to match both wedding rings with eachother in this way!

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