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A Belgian jewelry brand rooted in sustainability and authenticity – 20 years of experience in designing custom wedding rings, the ultimate engagement ring, upcycling old gold and diamonds and jewelry for special occasions - or just because you can.

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our vision

"At Elisa Lee, we believe in materializing the time we spend on earth in a beautiful way in realizing those small family treasures across generations, caring for the planet and its inhabitants, and managing the resources of this planet (and by extension the universe) dearly."

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Across Generations

Atelier EL was born out of a love for craftsmanship. The journey began in 2002 when Elisabeth Leenknegt, third generation glass artist, found inspiration in the glassware of the classical Romans. Over the years, Elisa Lee grew into a high end jewelry label but our mission has never changed: unparalleled craftsmanship, care for the planet and each other. Since the beginning, EL has been a pioneer in sustainable business. We accept our responsibility and intend to continue to do so.

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Our approach

We take your shopping experience to the next level. The customer is always at the center of everything we do. We are curious about your story.

For the high end collections, Elisa Lee works with fairmined & recycled white, yellow or rose gold, fair diamonds and the most beautiful and solid gemstones such as sapphire, morganite, aquamarine and tourmaline. We craft each and every piece by hand from start to finish in a traditional. We feel that making our jewellery in our very own production atelier in Ronse is the most sustainable way to go. Most of our work is done on request. Best way to discover all possibilities is to book an appointment. Through an extensive moodboard we come to a personal design. Goldsmith Studio EL specializes in simple, minimalistic jewelry without too many frills. Because less is more.

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Our materials

Sustainability is very import to us. We always keep in mind the impact of the extraction of raw materials on ourselves and our environment. Our partners value those same ideals. We carefully examine which gemstones have the strongest reputation and from which mines we will source them. We use the same criteria for the metals, our glass, freshwater pearls and gemstones. On request, we work with recycled gold and pre-loved diamonds. The entire assembly and all technical steps in the creation of a piece of jewelry are done 100% in our own atelier.

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