About us

About us

Atelier EL was created out of love for the craft. The jewelery journey started in 2002 when Elisabeth Leenknegt, third generation glass artist, found inspiration in the glasswork of the classical Romans. Over the years, Elisa Lee has grown into a high-end jewelery label, with an unchanged mission : unparalleled craftsmanship, care for the planet and each other. Our team consists of 19 employees with a heart for gold, gemstonesand handmade jewellery. Our Belgium base production of jewelry is a conscious choice.
We make each jewel by hand in our own workshop. Our partners are also locals from our own and neighbouring province. We also take your shopping experience to the next level. The customer is always central and we really all are curious to know your story.

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Goldsmith studio EL specializes in simple, minimalist jewelery without too many frills. We strongly believe that less is more. For our high-end collections, we work with fair-mined & recycled white, yellow or rose gold, honest diamonds and the most beautiful and strongest gemstones such as sapphire, morganite, aquamarine and tourmaline. Each piece of jewelry is manufactured from start to finish in a traditional and sustainable way in our own production workshop in Ronse, Belgium. Most of our work high-end work is made on request. Book an appointment to discover all the possibilities and personal design options.

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