The Fluid jewel collection harks back to the organic forms it all started with two decades ago in Elisabeth Leenknegt's very first collections.

Over the years the collections became tighter and more straightforward. This jewelry line under the name Fluid represents a transition. We discover a conceptual and technical collection, a study of forms that reintroduces organic lines.

For this high-end collection Elisabeth Leenknegt works only with the most precious materials: freshwater pearls and 14C or 18C yellow gold.

The round shape of the pearl is central, a nod to the glass pearls from the first Elisa Lee collections. But even that round shape is subject to fickleness and capriciousness. Or how the baroque pearls and the unstable shapes of the metal materialize these strange and uncertain times. Finally, this also refers to the only current certainty: the immense beauty of unbridled nature and its capricious creations.