Elisalee upcycling nesthalssnoer 18 KGG

light plan

You want an upgrade of something from the permanent collection?

Here you go for a small adjustment of an existing model from the Elisa Lee collections.

It can be a change of the shape of the medallion or plaque, a different system, the change of the size of an ornament...

(The picture shows an example of a small modification of our anne & nest necklace)

: price of the model from our collection + a customization fee of max €250

Elisalee maatwerk 14 KGG variantopfluidsmall

medium plan

You explain your idea to us with a moodboard.

You create a moodboard and we will start working on it. We recommend that you compile your moodboard with images from our website.

You can then supplement this with images from pinterest to illustrate your ideas. For the design we always start from a model from our collection that we then rework to create a new model.

(For Lucy we worked out a unique ring with a floating diamond. The floating setting was specially designed and made to measure, starting from our double lux ring)

: calculate the model price from the collection + a custom price of €350 to €400

Maatwerk 18k geel goud

all the way

We'll work out a completely new design for you

Would you like a unique design? Atelier EL can help you create strong custom designs. Prepare yourself as good as possible for the customization meeting. Gather your ideas and inspiration in a clear moodboard, think photos, sketches or colors. Don't worry about the result! Atelier Leenknegt visualizes the design in a 3D drawing or sketch. We give you clear advice on aesthetic and technical aspects. After 19 years, Atelier EL has a good idea of what works and what doesn't: the choice of certain locks, finishing, colors, chains, shapes, etc. We are happy to help you with the development of your idea.

: model price from collection + from €500 customization cost