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18k oud goud upcycling
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Got some gold jewelry gathering dust in your jewelry box? That’s a pitty, right?

Upcycling an old (family) jewel?

We love to work with your gold and gemstones and breathe new life into your old jewelry. Discover the options to create a totally new design. On our custom page (link) you can find inspiration.

In our atelier we examine your gold and determine the size and quality of your stones. Based on this, we will come up with a new design in dialogue with you. No problem if there is a shortage of gold, we can easily add some more.

Prices for customization and upcycling depend on the customization request. Book your no-obligation appointment and we'll be happy to listen to your story.

Eigen diamanten hergebruiken

Which items are ideal for upcycling and which are not?

Gemstones with a hardness above 8/10 on a Mohs scale are our favorites (diamond, sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, tourmaline,....).

We only remelt 18C solid yellow gold or 18C solid rose gold. We do not melt silver nor white gold, which often contains traces of rhodium. We do not remelt fine necklaces either, because they are usually highly tarnished, but we are happy to reuse them for a new necklace. Read here what you can do with white gold or unsuitable melting gold. Plates, rings, medallions and coins are ideal for melting. If you can’t supply the necessary amount of gold, we add a portion in new gold.

Prices for customization and upcycling depend on the custom request. Book your no-obligation appointment and we'd love to listen to your story.

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18k geel au munten

Paying with old gold for the realization of a jewel

If your old gold has a different color than your favorite type of gold or if your gold can't be remelted (e.g. white gold, fine chains,...) we offer the solution to (partially) pay with old gold. Atelier EL deducts €30 per gram of old gold from the design of a new piece of jewelry.

This gold must be checked by the goldsmiths of Elisa Lee and to be confirmed as high quality gold (carat, purity).

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