Upcycling old (family)jewelry?

You inherited a gold jewel from a loved one, but it's not quite your cup of tea. That’s a pitty, right?

We are very happy to rework your gold and gemstones to a totally new design. Anything is possible. Inspiration can be found in our customization page.

We can design a new piece together based on the size or quality of your stones. If there would be gold shortage, no problem, we can always add some.

Prices for customization and upcycling depend heavily on the custom request.

Make your no-obligation appointment via the appointment button and we'll be happy to tell you the specific cost of your idea.

Which items are ideal for upcycling, and which are not?

Gemstones with hardness above 8/10 on Mohs scale are our favorites (diamond, sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, tourmaline,....). We only remelt solid 18K yellow gold or solid 18K rose gold. That means no silver or white gold, which often contains traces of rhodium.

We do not remelt fine necklaces (because they are usually highly tarnished) but are happy to reuse them for a new necklace. Ideal as a base for melting are plates, rings, lockets and coins. When gold is in short supply, we can add a portion in new (recycled) gold.

Prices for customization and upcycling depend greatly on the customization request. Continue reading below to see what you can do with white gold or unsuitable melted gold.

Paying with old gold for a new piece of jewelry

Not all jewelry models in our collection lend themselves to being made with old gold. Fine chains or white gold that is often contaminated with rhodium, we do not recover. We do like to rework chains into a new necklace.

In that case, the solution is to pay (partially) with old gold. Elisa Lee deducts €30/gram of old gold for the design of a new jewel.

This gold must have been checked and confirmed as good quality gold (carat, purity) by Elisa Lee's goldsmiths.

This can also be a solution when you have old gold in a gold color you are not a fan of yourself.

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