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engraving - options

Because we transcend standard jewel engraving: transfer your own creation or drawing by your children, handwriting of a loved one on a jewel. Or have your logo designed and executed in an engraving.

Billie armband shelter
Nest halssnoer rozeverguld met gravure
Shelter necklace own writing
18k rose moebius met gravure1
S8 18 K GG
Elissa Lee Moments armband Wardmetgravure zilver 400


You can choose from one of our fonts or your own font. For the signet rings we offer fixed formats, for wedding rings and amulets you can choose from our four fixed fonts. Price: 50 euros (modern small, modern large & symbol) - 100 euros (handwritten)

Or make it personal with your very own font type. This can be a font that we copy from your printed matter of choice (wedding invitation, birth announcement, ...). We can copy handwritings as well. Price: 100 euros

S8 witgoud S4 roze goud
18k roze goud S8 met gravures Ja
Elisalee zegelringen 18 Kgeel R83
Zegelring rechthoek

position switch

We work out a variation in terms of positioning and/or size for the Position Switch.

The fonts always come from our range.

Method: we email you a design.

Price is 50 € + 30 € per emailed version

Elisalee zegelringen 18 Kwit R6
Creool nest rozeverguld gravure
Elisalee zegelringen 18 Kgeel R82
Elisalee zegelringen 18 Kroze R3
Elisalee zegelringen koppel 18 Kgeelweb
Warre 2
Elisalee zegelringen 18 Kgeel R5web
Elisalee zegelringen 18 Kgeel S1web
Elisalee zegelringen 18 Kroze S11web

your logo - your shield

We will create a new design for you based on feel and/or letter combination.

Price is €50 + €150 per design (with 1 correction)

If you opt for this more exclusive feeling, a deep engraving might also be your thing!

Price for a deep engraving is €350