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Permanent jewellery

Endless collection

Discover our endless jewellery collection with link chains. No break nor end. From now on you can seal your friendship, honor your love or family bond with an permanent arm/ ankle bracelet and neckless. Or simply treat yourself at precious moments in life.

Our permanent jewellery comes in solid gold only (14K & 18K white, yellow and rose). Pick your desired thickness and link type during the appointment. Our goldsmiths weld the jewel on your wrist, ankle or neck. From now you will wear the jewellery day in, day out. Happy-go-lucky, forever connected.

This is how we do it

Our goldsmiths weld the jewel directly on your wrist or ankle. Without using a lock or clasp. Of course we provide the necessary protection so no one gets hurt.

Elisa Lee only offers solid 14K and 18K gold link chains in white, yellow and rose gold. You can pick your thickness and type of link during your appointment.

There are nice options for both him and her. You can choose whether to add a chain to your ankle or wrist. From now on, you will permanently wear the jewel. Happy-go-lucky. Forever connected.

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