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breastmilk jewelry


Breastmilk jewelry

Mother's milk jewelry is a heartwarming way to celebrate your baby’s birth or marks the festive ending of your breastfeeding period.

We can fill necklaces and bracelets with a charm in the shape of a breast with your breast milk.

Our mother’s milk jewels are available in 18K gold and (gold plated) silver.

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How to dry up breast milk

To process your breast milk, you must supply it dried. You can do this yourself at home.

  • pump 50mls of breast milk and place it in an ovenproof bowl
  • heat the milk in a bain-marie until you get a creamy, buttery texture (about 2 to 3 hrs)
  • then put the bowl in the preheated oven at 60°C to 70°C (approx. 4h to 5hrs)
  • put a wooden spoon between the oven door so the moisture can escape
  • when the milk is dry, scrape it out of the bowl
  • finely grind the pieces in a blender or mortar