our approach

MADE IN BELGIUM Elisa Lee decided to keep the production entirely in Belgium. This was very obvious for us since the beginning but it didn’t always make things easy. Every piece is made by hand in our workplace and our partners are locals, mostly from East and West Flanders and Antwerp. The option to work ethically justified, is a conscious choice. It also gives the advantage we can respond quickly to demands and orders or reparations can be handled flexible. Elisa Lee carries the Handmade In Belgium label (HIB) which recognizes authentic, handmade quality products. Our local production ensures that we can work honestly and contributes to the quality of our jewellery.

SUSTAINABILITY AND PURE MATERIALS Elisa Lee uses the purest materials: massive Sterling silver, gold, glass and diamonds. We only work with fair providers, they are all certified by FLO-CERT and are subject to the approval of the Responsible Jewellery Council. These labels garanty that our gold comes from mines where safety, environment and employment conditions are respected and where no child labour occurs. Our diamonds come from conflict free areas.

In addition, Elisa Lee’s ecological perspective consists of reducing stock and avoiding creating surpluses as much as possible. The fact you can switch colours after a while, makes your jewel not only unique but also timeless and sustainable.

SERVICE AND EXPERTISE We have 15 years of expertise in producing and customizing jewellery. Professionalism and service are our main assets. Elisa Lee takes time for every customer, loves to listen and helps you in a clear and transparent way. Our team consists of 4 collaborators with a heart for the job. Each one of us enjoyed relevant trainings such as art history, design, glass blowing, colour advisor and goldsmith and we have tons of experience to be at your service in the best possible way.