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Atelier EL uses only the purest materials: gold, silver, diamonds, carefully selected gemstones, pearls and glass. We only work with suppliers who can guarantee that their metals and gemstones come from mines where the environment, safety and good working conditions are guaranteed and where no child labor takes place.

Where possible we use recycled gold and preloved diamonds. Upcycling is always less harmful to the environment and by reworking jewelry, you also retell the story for generations to come. Cradle to cradle design is deeply woven into the DNA of our atelier. Moreover, we work mainly on order to avoid surpluses or unnecessary stock.

To reduce our ecological footprint, we invest in the earth. For each piece of jewelry sold, we plant a native tree or shrub. Together they will grow beautifully slow into the EL tiny forest.

Within Atelier Elisa Lee we take care of each other as well. We try to strengthen each other and for the division of tasks we start from everyone's talents. In addition, we focus on training and personal growth. This way we try to create a positive and healthy workplace for our team every day.

We like to make time for the customer and we pride ourselves on a clear and transparent service. Professionalism and service are our main assets. Besides we have packs of relevant experience to give you the best possible service. We hear you.