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Our YES I DO line is not a collection of standard models. Consider it as an inspiration source where you can customize existing models. Get inspired and take a look in advance here or on our instagram page. Each design is created in consultation with you and is handmade in our own production studio in Ronse. We only work with sustainable diamonds or gemstones and honest gold (18K) from conflict-free areas. Atelier ELISA LEE specializes in purified, minimalist jewelry without too many frills. We go for wedding rings with a timeless character. Because we believe that less is still more.

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During our appointment we like to take the time to explore our Yes I Do moodboard together. The modular collections allow for a wide range of finishes and materials, and almost everyone who likes sleek and minimalist can find something to their liking. If you want to go for an ultra minimal look, choose a matt finish with rounded or clean edges without any further processing. Or you can go for a purified ring that stands out in terms of shape, such as a twisted ring, a moebius ring or a combination of profiles. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of handcrafted textures. We pay attention to detail and originality. Thus, you can also add engravings or edits in an unusual place such as an edge. As for diamonds, there are also many options. Here too we are happy to give you honest and professional advice. To what extent you want the rings to match, you decide.

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Fit and collect your rings

The rings go into production after you ordered at our appointment. At the given time, Atelier EL will contact you for a fitting. Here you can try on the wedding rings for the first time. Exciting! If necessary we can still adjust the size of the rings. After the fitting, your rings will be returned to the atelier where we finish them. Most of the processing, such as engraving or the setting of diamonds, is now carefully being done. Once everything has been checked for quality, we contact you again so you can pick up your rings. Atelier EL offers an annual checkup and cleaning of the rings or gemstones. For the selection of wedding jewelry, you can contact us by appointment, during the fitting or just drop by in our shop if the rush allows it.