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Engraved drawings

Is there something more lovely than wearing a personal creation by your children close in the shape of a necklace or bracelet?

At Elisa Lee we designed some basic models ideally fit for a child's drawing or a writing of your own children.

These works of art can be transferred perfectly by means of a detailed hand engravement in your jewel. Think about beautiful necklaces and bracelets with the names of your (god)children, necklaces with a child's drawing or a first writing of your children. A treat for your dear friend with the name of her new born in the same font as the birth card...

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Ear studs or creoles with the initials of your little ones, a necklace with the names of your children or a bracelet with the text 'godmother' or 'sister' to ask someone to be godmother or witness. Or just a word that suits someone...

With these playful letters we make the most personal messages for yourself, your boy- or girlfriend, your sister, your mother, your grandmother, your godmother... You can choose out of three fonts and you can play with the way we assemble the letters on the necklace or the bracelet.

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birth present

Always wanted to give a really cool birth gift for the brand new mommy?

We engrave the name of the newborn in the same font as the birth card. This makes the gift extra personal. The names of any siblings can also be engraved on the jewel. Or give a piece of jewelry to the baby that she can wear for a lifetime thanks to the growth possibilities provided on the necklace or bracelet.