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Cremation jewelry

Memorial jewelry commemerates the loved ones and are usually worn intensively. Therefore we advise to choose solid gold.

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Ring with ash- or haircontainer

Atelier EL designes a series of rings fitted with a subtle ash container. Every model has its own width and thickness and can be made in matt or shiny white, yellow or pink gold. The rings bear the name Atmina & Minne and mean 'memory' in different languages.

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Adjusted collection jewel

We drill a small hole or provide a hollow space in an existing model. We are happy to help you further by appointment to go over the suitable models together.

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custom work

If you would like an even more personal approach, we can design a custommade jewel together. Here you can choose your own formula. An adjustment to an existing model from our permanent collection, an own design based on a moodboard or you can give our atelier a free pass and we draw a completely new model for you. Our custom specialist can give you advice about the incorporation of the ashes into the jewel. In case you would like a custommade jewel, we would love to help you further in our atelier in Ronse.