Elisa Lee 273744 A


The Sakura collection is inspired by cherry blossoms and revolves around the idea of living in the present moment. Every moment is a new and fresh beginning. Concepts of Japanese philosophy, such as mono no aware show us how to focus on and appreciate the here and now. The Sakura collection is about the state of mind where we accept the temporary beauty of falling flowers and about the clash between this dazzling bloom and the realization it will all be over soon.

Elisabeth Leenknegt wanted to createa world who reminded her of the pure and flowering woman inside of us. Therefore she designed pieces in light and soft pastel shades and distilled forms. The pink gold refers to the cherry blossoms, the changing reflections in the flat glass represent the ephemeral nature of life. By using names as shiro, which means untouched or yugen, which we interpret as a profound awareness of the universe, we reflect the impression of a pure and laid-back atmosphere. A fresh and different kind of luxury is the result.