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ABC bracelet modern DRUK in lijn 6 mm 3
Permanent jewellery

Endless collection

From this moment on, you can find permanent jewellery at Atelier EL. Our endless collection consists of jewellery with only link chains, with no break or end. Seal your friendship, love or family bond with an arm or ankle bracelet or simply choose one for yourself at a precious moment in your life.

We only offers solid gold link chains in 14K and 18K white, yellow and rose gold. You choose the thickness and type of link. Our goldsmiths weld the jewel directly and painlessly around your wrist or ankle. So there is no clasp involved. From now on, you wear the jewellery day in, day out without worries, forever connected.

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Wedding fairs

8-9 oktober 2022 Salons du marriage Tour en Taxis Brussel

16 oktober 2022 Trouw en Trends Gent : Eskimo

30 oktober 2022 I do beurs Antwerpen

6 november 2022 Trouw en Trends Kuurne

20 november 2022 Trouw en Trends Leuven

26-27 november 2022 Huwelijksbeurs fabriek romantiek Turnhout

19 februari 2023 Trouw en Trends Brasschaat

26 februari 2023 Trouw en Trends Mechelen

5 maart Trouw en Trends Hasselt

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Check out our new Galaxy-collection.

Elisa Lee would love to seduce you with the most beautiful gemstones from the cosmos.

Elisabeth Leenknegt got the inspiration for this Galaxy collection from the cosmos. Her endless fascination for otherwordly phenomena translates into a series of exclusive jewelry. She refers to stardust, black holes and active galactic nuclei that shine brighter than all the stars in our milkyway.

Stones that inflame as supernovae shape heavy metals and gold during these explosions. This process happens with the luminosity of a million suns. High-end, otherwordly stones and spacy geodes that contain endless love in a stunning jewel.

Get mesmerized by these one-of-a-kind gemstones that shine brighter than everything you've ever known before.

Ideal as a treat for yourself or if you want something more for an engagement. You can find these unique pieces in our shop in Ronse or online.

Family Jewels

What could be more lovely than wearing a personal creation of your children close to you in the form of a necklace or bracelet? At Elisa Lee, we developed new collection models that are ideal for featuring a beautiful children's drawing or writing from your own children. We perfectly transfer these beautiful works of art through a detailed hand engraving into your jewelry.

Think of beautiful necklaces and bracelets with the names of your (god)children, earrings with the initials of your little ones, necklaces with a children's drawing or a first writing of your children. A treat for your dearest friend or yourself with the name of her/your newborn in the same font as the birth card, or playful mom- and godmother gifts. In this collection you will find them all.

Check out the possibilities on our webshop for bracelets and necklaces from the TRIBE-collection.

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