Good news


Plans to propose? How lovely you want to dive into marriage! We would love to help you with this.

Let’s start with a short checklist of tips and tricks to make sure you’re ready...

Of course you assume she’ll say ‘yes’, but even then it feels safe to find out if she thinks the same way.

If yes, you can get started on your top secret mission. Ask yourself how her ideal proposal would look like. Make it an unforgettable moment and leave a couple of days blank in your agenda to spend some quality time with your beloved.

Already a location in mind? We need about a minimum of 6 weeks to make a bespoke ring for you. But no worries, we can make an exception for last minutes ;)

Here follow 3 scenarios and a few things to check before you visit our shop:


Steal your partners favorite ring and try to smuggle it to our shop. Take a good look beforehand to see on which finger she wears it. Most often the right ring finger is the location for an engagement ring but sometimes it is put on the left ring finger where it can be worn together with the wedding ring.


If all this is too much of a hustle for you we will have to proceed more cautiously. Try to find an appropriate ring in her jewellery box by asking yourself the following questions:

Are you quite sure the ring fits? Have you seen it on her lately? Does she wears it on the ring finger?

Thereafter you measure the inner diameter of this ring precisely with a slide calliper or a ruler. Verify if the ring in question is still round because if this is not the case, irregularities in size can occur. Take a picture of the ring so we can determine the profile and width of your ring.


If PLAN A or PLAN B are too complicated, there is always a PLAN C. We can lend you a ring in a beautiful box for ‘your special moment’. Later on you come back together for a ring in the right size. This is our no stress formula.

In every case, you might think beforehand about your girlfriends taste. Is she keen on diamonds or does she like to keep it minimal? Does she prefer yellow, white or rose gold? We can help you with this in the shop or you can always ask sisters or besties for advice.

Last but not least we would like to give you an idea of the price: minimalistic rings in gold with a diamond of the ELISA LEE LUX collection start from about €600. Sleek golden rings without diamonds are available from €440. Everything depends on the options, the size, the width or the number of diamonds. Every piece is unique so it’s difficult to give fixed prices. Please do make an appointment in our shop, we love to help you!

Count about 6 weeks to 2 months after ordering your ring. Make your proposal an unforgettable moment and enjoy each other. Don’t hesitate too long, just pop the question!