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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions webshop

How to order an item?

  • Take a look on our website and click on every jewel or photo to collect more info or a bigger snapshot.
  • Click on “shop” to enter the webshop and click on the “add to basket”-button to add an item to your basket.
  • You can choose multiple items at once.
  • Click on the basket on the top right to watch your entire order.
  • Adjust the desired quantity of every item or remove the items you do not want to order from your basket.
  • Click on “checkout” to proceed to the payment of the selected items and select a payment method.
  • Our shop automatically connects with the payment system of Mollie. You can complete your payment by bank card or using PAYPAL.
  • If you do not own a PAYPAL account, you can easily create a free account to do your online payments in a safe and secure way.
  • Select your payment method.
  • Complete your address details so we can send your order.

To order items

The customer has the possibility to buy jewels from different collections online.

From the moment the customer specified his/her order by clicking on the ‘order button’, a purchase has been made. After this, the customer receives a confirmation email from ELISA LEE. If you do not receive this mail, please contact us via atelier@elisalee.be. The items are delivered at home, to the address specified in the confirmation mail.

The customer can choose from the following payment methods:

  • via credit card
  • via bank card
  • via a PAYPAL account

General conditions

ELISA LEE remains the right to accept or refuse orders. On simple request, the customer will be informed about the reason of refusal. We cannot accept orders from minors. If a minor wants to purchase an item on our website, the order has to be placed and paid by an adult.

When ELISA LEE receives a confirmation of your purchase on the website, there exists a valid agreement between you and ELISA LEE.

Nevertheless, ELISA LEE can decide to take other existing conditions into account, for example orders made by minors, incomplete or incorrect orders, or when previous orders had not been paid.


All of the items offered by ELISA LEE are described in the most detailed way possible. The offers and prices are valid on the day they are presented on our website.

The items on our website are not displayed in full scale, and because every monitor has different settings, the colors displayed on the website can differ from reality. Moreover, the colors of different pictures of the same item presented on the website can differ because the photos were made by different photographers.

Prices and invoice

The prices as displayed on the website at the very moment that the order is made by the customer are considered valid. The prices mentioned during the buying process, are expressed in EURO and include VAT and administrative fees, unless this is explicitly mentioned otherwise. The shipping cost is not yet included in the prices displayed on the website. This cost is charged separately and is paid by the customer.

ELISA LEE cannot be held liable for misprints or errors in order information. ELISA LEE has the right to adjust an indicated price.

The prices of our jewellery can change every now and then, as the silver and gold used also decreases or increases in value. The price paid by the customer, is the price displayed on the website at the moment the order has been made.

The items remain property of ELISA LEE until the moment they are paid integrally by the customer, which means until the total amount of the purchase price and possible additional fees is paid.

The customer agrees to the fact that ELISA LEE sends her invoices electronically.


ELISA LEE will deliver the jewel within six to eight weeks after the confirmation mail. Every piece of jewellery is custom-made, so this period is needed to finish an order.

During the order process, the customer can specify in which way the order may be sent and is responsible for this form of delivery. Delivery fees are paid by the customer.

The items are being sent on the customers own risk and responsibility, no matter the means of transport. This also concerns items sent as registered post, Bpost, Mikropakket or a private courier, even if this is franco. The shipping cost is paid by the customer, unless otherwise specified.

If the customer does not collect the delivery on the announced date or does not collect it at a collection point, the order will be sent back to ELISA LEE automatically. In this case we will contact the customer to arrange a new delivery date. It is possible ELISA LEE has to take an additional delivery fee into account when this happens.

Delivery fee

The delivery fee of a parcel (postage, jewellery box, insurance of your parcel) costs 6 euro in Belgium, unless otherwise specified. Deliveries within Europe cost 15 euro and deliveries outside Europe cost 35 euro. The delivery fee for a gift card costs 2 euro.

Orders starting from 50 euro are always sent registered or via courier service. Naturally these costs only have to be paid once. All delivery fees remain paid by the customer, even if the customer sends the order back entirely or partially.


ELISA LEE is not liable for the consequences of incorrect data entry by the customer. As a customer you are responsible for all ELISA LEE’s shipments sent to the chosen delivery address. To avoid miscommunication, we suggest to inform us about a change of address immediately.

Complaints about non-conformity or visible defects of the order, or complaints about the execution of the item have to be sent written and within three days after the delivery of the order. The jewels have to be brought back unworn to ELISA LEE. If these conditions are not respected, we will consider the complaint as inadmissible.

ELISA LEE is not liable for complaints about items not being in stock or a late delivery due to force majeure. If we are unable to carry out our commitments because of circumstances beyond us (for example theft, faulty communication of the customer, or unforeseen fractures of stones in a non-faulty treatment), we are excused of our commitments and not responsible after we informed the customer about the force majeure in writing.

Right of withdrawal

Every ELISA LEE jewel is unique and custom-made regarding color and size as requested by the customer. Custom-made jewellery cannot be returned or exchanged. Therefore, there is no right of withdrawal on customization. Customized orders cannot be canceled.

Intermediation of complaints

Any questions, complaints or remarks? Check out the section ‘jewellery clinic’ on our website or send a mail to atelier@elisalee.be.


If the cooperation, regardless of the period, is not considered as productive anymore, or trust has been violated, ELISA LEE remains the right to put an end to the alliance one-sidedly without preceding announcement. In this case the ending of the cooperation will be announced via our website or mail.


Every ELISA LEE jewel has a legal guarantee of 2 years. This accounts for production errors, not for abrasion. We always put the certificate of guarantee under the foam in the jewellery box. For massive golden jewellery and diamonds we give a certificate of authenticity to the customer.

Origin of precious metals and precious stones

The precious stones ELISA LEE offers are bought at legally recognized sources and are not involved in conflicts, consistent with UN resolution #1173 11761306 1343 of the United Nations. We guarantee that these precious stones are conflict-free, based on personal knowledge and/or written trusted guarantees by our supplier of these precious stones.

The precious metals ELISA LEE uses come from conflict-free areas. Our suppliers never buy precious metals directly from mining compagnies. The suppliers we work with are ISO-certified and are committed to enterprise in a socially responsible way.